How to Draw a Dream Catcher in 5 Easy Steps

dream catcher drawings

Today I wanted to draw some thing with a word in it, so I decided to go with the word dream. Now I am pretty sure that the closest thing to the word dream was a dream catcher. So here is me drawing a dream catcher with the words dream over it. 

For this drawing I used a 0.1 Pigma pen, and I didn't actually need an super expensive pen for this drawing, but I had recently got some for my birthday so I decided to use it.                                                                                                       The other thing I used is some prismacolor colored pencils, which you don't have to get.                                              And lastly a good old pencil and eraser for sketching.


dream catcher strings

Ok, the first thing I did is sketch the picture really fast, however, the strings in the dream catcher took more time. After that I used my pen and drew the strings in jet black.

dream catcher border

Now for the border, I didn't want to go insane so I drew like an wooden looking circle with four string attachments to it. Now for the pearls I used turquoise, pink, and orange. then I used my pen and outlined the middle of the feathers, the letter, and some of the butterfly.

dream catcher words

Time to add some color, I got out my colored pencils ans colored in the letters with a decent rainbow pattern. And for the butter fly I used my pen for some more detail, and colored it orange.


When you see the feathers you will probably be like that must of taken for ever, but I'll let you in a little secret, it didn't. For the feathers  what I did is draw wavy looking things in a simple pattern. Then I drew lots of lines inside the waves to make it more detailed.

dream catcher drawing

Now the only thing left to do is color in the feathers. So the main feather and two other ones, I did the rainbow pattern. Then for the last four, I used blue, green,purple, and orange. However, I could of used other colors too. After I colored in the feathers I was done! .

        Next time I am going to use different colors for the feathers, and put more effort in the butterfly. But all in all it looked pretty decent for 45 min:)


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