How to draw a realistic and simple eye step-by-step

eye sketch

Hello world, to day I am drawing an eye as you can see. I have drawn many eyes before, however, it is my first itme drawing an eye with color! I hope it turns out well!

 For this drawing you will only need:

  • a pencil darker then 2B
  • Green, dark blue, and light blue pencil crayons
  • a piece of paper

You will not need

  • Two pieces of paper
  • cheap crayola equipment 

Lets start:)


eye sketch

The first thing I did is sketch the outline of the eye, pupil, and iris  very lightly.I also added teture in the iris to add more detail.I am pretty good at drawing circle blobs, so the general shape of the iris and pupil turned out pretty good.Even though I drew it lightly I always make sure my pencil is very sharp. If pencils are not sharpened properly then it's just pointless.

eye drawing

 Time to draw the dark stuff. To help me get all the lines right, I drew really light guide lines( that you probably can not see) starting form the pupil and ending at the iris. Then following the guided lines, I drew little black lines around the border of the iris. Now for the really dark blue, I basically drew little blue lines, shooting out of the little black lines, guided by the long light lines, around the border line, and I think you get my point.  Make sure that your dark blue lines meet with your black lines(if you know what I mean). 

eye drawing 2

Now I started to make it colorful by adding bright blue and green on many places. I made sure that I drew my light green and blue lines going in the same directions as my other lines. I forgot to leave out my highlights so I had to make them smaller.

eye sketch

The last thing I did was draw the eyelashes. Now honestly, I am not good at drawing eyelashes, and id I was you use a way darker pencil then 2b, I just didn't have a darker pencil at that time. So for eyelashes you want them to face two directions left and right. Instead of filling in each eyelash with jet black. draw a few lines on the border of each eyelash. Then I just signed it, and I was done. My eye turned out better then I thought, but next time I am going to use a darker pencil. 


Thank you for sharing the post. Loved being visited your blog.
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Thank you for sharing the post. Loved being visited your blog.
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