So busy!!!

       I have decided my life is extremely busy, but honestly everybody's life i busy. So you have probably heard I sprained my ankle, well my teacher does not care, I still have to do all my school, except well, p.e. Plus I guess this is normal, because my is my brother...Because my teacher is my brother, he know's what I can do and what I can't. And because I am a "Tsai"(my last name is Tsai, He has very high standards of me. Which means, " Caleb! your leg is hurt not your fingers, you can still read, write, etc. I actually thought about what he said, maybe my brother is right, my leg is hurt, I can still do basically all my school. Well, that's not just it. I have to do my chores...which requires a lot of walking. How busy am I, is this normal?


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