My brother is engaged!!

ezra and victoria


So, a couple weeks ago something different, interesting, surprising, and new happened. My brother got engaged! 

         It all started when when I was working on my school, and Ezra, his girlfriend Victoria, and a photographer came into the house. My mom saw them and exclaimed "Ezzzzraaaa!'' excitedly. Then hugged them( not the photographer). I then came over and Ezra announced "I just proposed to Victoria!'' There were a few screams of excitement, then Ezra asked us to go outside to take pictures with him and Victoria. 

        Eventually my dad decided that we would have the engagement party very soon.So that only meant one thing, find the perfect engagement present. Then I decided instead of finding them the perfect present, I will draw them the perfect present...well, try to at least.


ezra and victoria

I got my dad to print out this picture of them because it was probably the best out of all of them.

ezra and victoria fail

So at the end I didn't know if it looked good or bad so I asked one of my siblings. I will never forget the first comment that anyone had ever said, " They look creepy." So a crumpled up the picture, and asked my dad for different picture to draw.

Ezra and Victoria


This picture looked a lot easier because:

  1. Their eyes were closed and I tended to mess up their eyes.
  2. They were a lot bigger, which meant less detail then the other picture.
  3. They were missing half their face XD



I then started a detailed graph( that you might not be able to see.)


sketch ugly

I then sketched the basic shape of the picture and started the faces...

victoria's face sketch


Ezra hair

Now that the faces looked pretty good, I drew Ezra's hair. I drew the top of his hair darker then the lower part, and faded it as it reached the bottom.Victoria's hairThen I drew Victoria's hair flowing from the top to the bottom.

extra hairThe I added some extra hair on the right side of her head.

Victoria's scarf

I then roughly sketched Victoria's scarf, trying my best to make the lines on it flow in the same general direction.ezra's clothesFinally I added Ezra's black dress shirt, and voila I was done. ( I kid of bent the paper while erasing the graph XD.)

         This picture took me. quite a while, but I am pretty happy with the results, and judging the engagement party, so was Ezra and Victoria. Happy Engagement Ezra and Victoria!!!!!


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