Drawing a Sea turtle

Hello world today I am drawing a sea turtle, this is the first sea animal I have ever drawn so I am exited to see the results!

Drawing an horses head

Hello, world, today I am drawing a horse, I am not good at drawing horses because I suck at their body proportions, so I decided to just do the head, and the funny thing is, is that even though I only did the head I still messed up the proportions!!!Can you spot it, it's the the muzzle I made it too small, but it doesn't look that bad.Does it?


How to draw an easy and realistic apple

Today, I had no idea what to draw, so I closed my eyes, and spun around. I said to myself, "I will draw the first thing I see." So I opened my eyes and saw a bright gala apple. I then I picked it up and went to my table.

For this drawing I used my favorite colored pencils prismacolor, and an eraser and pencil.

How to Draw a Dream Catcher in 5 Easy Steps

Today I wanted to draw some thing with a word in it, so I decided to go with the word dream. Now I am pretty sure that the closest thing to the word dream was a dream catcher. So here is me drawing a dream catcher with the words dream over it. 

How to draw a realistic and simple eye step-by-step

Hello world, to day I am drawing an eye as you can see. I have drawn many eyes before, however, it is my first itme drawing an eye with color! I hope it turns out well!

 For this drawing you will only need:

  • a pencil darker then 2B
  • Green, dark blue, and light blue pencil crayons
  • a piece of paper

You will not need

  • Two pieces of paper
  • cheap crayola equipment 

Lets start:)


How to draw colorful hair today!


This drawing took me one hour, because it is pretty simple. I was going to add the face, but didn't know were to start so...I just drew someone with  no face...spooky. I ended up using no ink, just pencil crayon, and pencil.

I started with lightly sketching the out line, and beware...it is not as easy as it looks.