How to draw apples

Hello, world. Today I decided to practice drawing an apple again. Except this time, I decided to draw three types of them. 


How to draw a Portrait

          Of all the things in the world, I consider portraits, to be the hardest to draw. There is one reason they are so hard, because, if you make the tiniest mistake it will change the whole portrait and it will not look right. People know exactly what their faces look like, so it is very important to get every feature on the face right. 

150 PrismaColor Premier!!!!

It was Christmas Eve, we were unwrapping presents, and I finally reached the fancy wrapped one. I unwrapped it and....150 Prisma color premiere!!!! So happy!!


Trying out Manga

Hello world, today I tried out manga.

         So I was a the library and I found a manga book and I was like, "cool I want to try this." So, I borrowed it from the library and went back home. Then I went downstairs to my drawing 'studio' in the basement, got out a cheap sketch pad, and started to sketch a manga faces. It didn't look too bad so I inked out outlines with a black Pigma pen. Then, I decided to colored the picture in with colored pencils. And, it looked pretty good.


So busy!!!

       I have decided my life is extremely busy, but honestly everybody's life i busy. So you have probably heard I sprained my ankle, well my teacher does not care, I still have to do all my school, except well, p.e. Plus I guess this is normal, because my is my brother...Because my teacher is my brother, he know's what I can do and what I can't. And because I am a "Tsai"(my last name is Tsai, He has very high standards of me. Which means, " Caleb! your leg is hurt not your fingers, you can still read, write, etc.

My brother is engaged!!


So, a couple weeks ago something different, interesting, surprising, and new happened. My brother got engaged! 

         It all started when when I was working on my school, and Ezra, his girlfriend Victoria, and a photographer came into the house. My mom saw them and exclaimed "Ezzzzraaaa!'' excitedly. Then hugged them( not the photographer). I then came over and Ezra announced "I just proposed to Victoria!'' There were a few screams of excitement, then Ezra asked us to go outside to take pictures with him and Victoria. 

Drawing an water drip illusion

Hello world, to day I decided to draw something fun, an illusion, cool huh? I thought that the writing paper illusion was pretty cool so I decided to just  wing it.

Drawing Brown Hair Ending in a Ponytail

Hello world, today I decided to practice hair, so i am drawing long hair tied into a neat pony tail. I am exited to results, because I do not draw a lot of hair.